Take Notes

by Torae & Praise

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Sosavere dope joint. Torae always coming thru with that heat. I just wished this wasn't edited. Torae put out the dirty version and I'll cop again. thanks
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Lead single from Torae & Praise's collaborative EP 'All Praises Due'


Chorus -
(Relax & Take Notes)
The killer of quotes
The murder every line that I wrote
And if you needing that dope then
(Relax & Take Notes)

You know what I tote
The pad & the pen till I float
Till they call me the goat like
(Relax & Take Notes)

It aint no hope to cope
Showing mercy’s a nope
They lined up in my scope like
(Relax & Take Notes)

I got em at the end of they rope
They demote from the words I emote
(Relax & Take Notes)

Verse 1 -
Who did like I did it?
Who spit it the way I'm gone spit it
Who better to tell that authentic
I live it like I give it
No fake raps or daps adapt in it
Never was augmented
Never was off centered
If I pen it I meant it
Got 3 passports never lifted my pivot
Got platinum plaque stacked never shifted my penning
Til the casket drop from the beginning
Yea I start at the ending cause that's where you headed
I guess it's a given
Take advantage of the mic damn I guess I'm a Givens
And I'm still the head of the class I guess you ain't live it
Ain't no error saying my era the best ones that did it
I'm a terror terrific predator that’s prolific
Clinton would've gave me the sentence Obama had lifted
That's a problem impending
Got a problem with penning
I got slots get a spot for attending (Relax & take notes)

Chorus Repeat

Verse 2 -
Line for line my grind is imprinted
I used to skip my math class to get digits
You still there waiting on who to get with it
Cause with a co-sign in yo mind I been killing
Without a co-sign I rhyme they can't feel it
These lines ain't got limits it sound like y'all timid
It sound like you paddle your feet & ride diddick
The same way I hop on the beat & ride rhythmic
You complicating this shit dog it's simplistic
You add all the views I got & just list it
The YouTube the Spotify all of the twit shit
My IG, Facebook live data statistics
Now tally all those hits I just listed
Then scrap that shit press play & just listen
I’m Tor Liston Carr but no piston
A coney isle child from no pot to piss in
To 6 bathrooms still no shits given
You wanna live how I’m living...

Chorus Repeat


released September 18, 2018
Take Notes (Torae Carr, Corey Thomas, A Markeith Reid)
Coney Island's Finest (ASCAP)
CDT Productions (ASCAP)
Contains a sample of “The Wrath” from the album “The Present” by Antman Wonder
Trumpet by Sean Tayler
Additional vocals by TOY !!!


all rights reserved



Torae Brooklyn, New York

Live, from New York City!


  • Oct 10
    Atlanta, GA

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